Pivot Table Report View

Pivot Table View allows you to use such functions for reports analysis: 

  • Monitor time for any issue fields, any combination of issue attributes (e.g: assignee time per status, time in status per assignee, compare status time for the whole team).

  • Manipulate the data by math functions (Average, Min/Max, Median, Count, Sum, etc)

  • Represent data in numerical or %, etc

  • Highlight the cells using Conditional formatting

  • Sorting and Filtering

  • Three types of Layouts

  • Export

Also, you can view Uses Cases when you can use the Pivot Table function.

To get the Pivot Table you just need to tap on its icon in the left-right corner.

As a result, you will get all types of Time in status for Jira Cloud app reports data with Pivot Table functions.

The main features of this reports view are Fields, Options, Format, and Export.

Fields option

It lets configure Reports Filters, Columns, Rows, and Values according to your Jira issues fields.

You can also add calculated values to Pivot table data.

On the Pivot table you can filter data by each selected Field. To do it click on gear near them. 

Layout options

At the Layout options, you can set Subtotals and Grand totals.


The format option allows configuring Cells Format, such as value, text-align, decimal places and etc. 

Also here in the Format drop-down, you can select conditional formatting.


You can print and export your custom configured Pivot table with Time in Status for Jira Cloud data to PDF, Excel, or HTML formats.