Smart Fields

Smart Fields lets you configure the complicated requests to Jira without using standard JQL to create the issue list you need.

How to create Smart Fields

1. Add a new Smart Field

Click the “Smart Fields” button to open the builder. To create your first one, press Add Smart Field.

Then you will see the Smart fields builder. Here you can create queries to your Jira easily, without the JQL use.

2. Name it

First of all, you need to type the Name of Smart Field

3. Select Field

Next, specify the issue Field you want to use for filtering. It can be any default or custom your Jira issue field, for example, Issue type, project, assignee or estimate, etc.

4. Specify Operator

Then choose one Operator from the list. Such options are available:

  • equals - not equal,
  • in - not in,
  • is - is not,
  • was in - was not - was not in,
  • changed,
  • contains - does not contain,
  • greater than - greater than equals,
  • less than - less than equals

List of Operator options depends on selected Field.

4. Value selection

After you can choose Value for request according to Operator type selected before.

  • For equals and not equals you can select only one option.
  • For in or not in operator available check-box feature for multi-selection.
  • Operator is and is not allows you to choose Empty and Null values.

5. Predicate option

For conditions when Operators is was, was in, was not, was not in, or changed you can additionally specify Predicates.

Such conditions are available for Predicate: any change, from, to, before, after, during, on, by.

6. Native Date Functions

Perform searches based on the start or end of a specific time range: startOfDay(), startOfMonth(), startOfWeek(), startOfYear(), endOfDay(), endOfMonth(), endOfWeek(), endOfYear().

E.g. Find new issues created in the last three days: created > startOfDay("-3d")

Learn more in the Native Date Functions Support section.

7. Save

After configuration click Save Smart Feilds you have created.

This Smart Field builder lets you create the number of Smart Fields you need. 

How to use Smart Fields

Then you can add those Smart Fields to Dynamic Filters. To do it, click More → Smart Fields and select each one you need.

If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact SaaSJet Support or email us at

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