Average time report for each assignee

You can view the average time data for the assignee you are interested in.

How to set up an Average time report for each assignee

  1. Open Time in Status for Jira Cloud app.

  2. Select the Average Report type.

  3. Choose the Assignee option in the drop-down filtering menu.

  4. Specify the Assignee name for data analysis.

  5. As a result, you will get the Average Time report for a particular assignee in the issue list view.

Grid Metrics

Choose metrics that you need for the Average report:

  • Format - time display format

  • Calendar - work calendar

  • Date/Period - change the Date/Period to Hourly, Weekly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly.

  • Columns

Chart view 

Also, you can monitor the average time for assignee data in the graph view.

Click the chart icon in the left corner.

There are 3 types of charts available for you.


To save data from charts, you need to use the export function. Both chart and tablet data are available for exporting.


If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact SaaSJet Support or email us at support@saasjet.atlassian.net

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