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Q: We want to provide access to this plugin to a limited set of people within our organization. In this case, will pricing be applicable to the number of Jira accounts in our organization or a limited set of people to whom we want to provide this access?

A: According to Jira pricing, we’re unable to manage the price relative to the number of actual users. Atlassian offers discounts for the annual subscription, so you can pay less in that way.

Q: Do you store customer data from the customer Atlassian instance?
A: We don’t store any customer data in our infrastructure excluding hashed Atlassian user id and add-on configs. Everything is processed interactively and displayed to end-users. We use application internal logs, but without customer-related data, including only details about requests performance/status/error code.

Q: How to calculate the price for the add-on?

A: Here’s a picture that displays how you can calculate the accurate price for a particular number of users. 

Each tier (<10, <100u, etc) has its own price. 

When you calculate a price for a particular amount of users, you need to divide this number so that each part of it regards an exact tier. To calculate the price for your users (if there are more than 100), you need to calculate the price for each tier separately and sum them to get the final price. Look at the precise example in the picture above on how to get the necessary data. 

You can check if you have calculated correctly with the Atlassian calculator on the price page for any application. Just write down the number of users for calculating in the field you can see on a pic below.

If you have additional questions regarding this case, please, contact Atlassian support.

If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact us through SaaSJet Support or via email support@saasjet.atlassian.net

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