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There are lots of processes in each company. Moreover, everything that happens in the world is a process. The more routine the process is (the more often it repeats), the more it needs automation. The automation of processes leads to positive results in the company’s work:

  • Reducing workload;

  • No need to perform the work inside the particular process a few times, redo (edit) documentation, or make changes on the go;

  • Identifying process bottlenecks and their reasons easily.

Key Features:

  • Collect and manage all organization activities in one place;

  • Standardize your typical business processes;

  • Reduce time for routine tasks;

  • Get transparent monitoring of the business process performance.


  1. Get started with Business Process Manager

  2. Process Template entities overview

  3. Steps settings

    1. Form Builder - Form elements & Content blocks

      1. Run Form as Quiz

      2. Destination Issue Field

      3. Form Response Export

    2. Assignee

    3. Form logic

    4. Due Date

    5. Submission action

    6. Blocker

  4. Conditional steps settings

  5. Approval settings

  6. Template Grid

    1. Creation of Process Template

    2. Schedule a process

    3. Template URL

    4. Template Restrictions

    5. Start Process

    6. Delete

  7. Monitor Process progress

  8. Audit logs

  9. Processes use cases

  10. Q&A

  11. Support of Business Process Manager

Example of process - Employee Onboarding Checklist


Learn more about process-building in BPM in our video guide.

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