How to analyze time efforts for your support team?

If you're a support manager, fast resolving customer queries and meeting your customers' needs is on your priority list. 

Time in Status reports can help to gather the information and interpret the following data:

  • How effectively the time on communication with customers is spent?

  • How much time does it take to solve an issue (passing from the initial status to the closing)?

  • Where are the postpones in the ticketing process?

Let’s use two reports: Time in Status and Transition Count. Thus, you can combine the data of both reports in a single document and evaluate the dynamics fully.

Time in Status report

  1. Select the Time in Status report and the appropriate project. 

  2. Choose the required date range (e.g. 3 last months).

3. Export the report to a file. 


So you will get a detailed view of the time values which the support issues were spent in each status of the workflow. This report helps to overview the statuses where we have time overlimit, and where our bottlenecks occur.

Transition Count report allows getting the number of times an issue has passed from one status to another. 

You can export this report as well and combine the data of both reports in a single document to evaluate the dynamics fully.

With these reports, you can analyze where the delays and largest transitions between statuses are in order to minimize them in the future and provide customers with greater efficiency of service.

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