Get started with Business Process Manager

BPM allows you to convert processes into structured Templates and control the performance of team members. So, BPM is a brilliant tool to build business procedures and run them every time you need to work through that process.

For example, every company has onboarding procedures. When a new recruit has a strategy for where to go and what to do, things may flow quite well. You can start the onboarding process unlimited times. And it always will be the same for every employee. In this way, you exactly know that all-important steps are taken.

With features like Form Logic, Conditional Step, Approvals, Scheduling, Step blocker, and Due Date built into your processes, you`ll be able to set up really dynamic workflows.

Here are 3 steps you need to follow to build any process.

1. Create New process templates

To start work, click the Template and +New Template buttons.

In the template, you can construct Groups, Steps, and Approvals.

Each step is a separate Jira issue with a custom Form. For each step, a list of fields is available:

  • multi-choice

  • radio button

  • dropdown

  • checkbox

  • date, date and time

  • embed, URL, number

  • attachment

  • text field, area;

  • header, paragraph

    Use the drag and drop menu for creating a Template of processes in a few minutes.

2. Start a process

View a list of All Templates created before.

When you turn on one of them by clicking the Start button, the issues for each step will be generated. The add-on will create one project for all issues in your Jira.

3. Monitor progress

Select the Processes tab to view all Active and Completed processes. Also, you can view the one assigned to you. Filter Templates by the name, assignees or keywords.

Add-on has built-in free Templates and based on them you can get acquainted with how workflows should create and go.

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