How do I find the Custom sections and fields?

HR: Employee User Profile for Jira Cloud is developed to facilitate the addition, control, and modification of Employee data within Jira.

Choose the way of Employees adding:

Choose the way of Employees adding:

To delimit access to Employees' personal information, you are able to configure access control to each section of the add-on.

In addition, you will be able to view a Pivot table of data using the quick search and filter function:


Future HR: Employee User Profile features

In the next update, we plan to add the ability to create your custom sections and add-on fields.

How will it work in a future release?

Step1 - Create a new Section, Step 2 - Drag and drop new custom fields, Step 3 - Just save your records!





What benefits will this bring for the CEO, the head of the department, and the Employee?

  • Flexibility to create the necessary sections and fields specifically for the structure of your company.

  • The freedom to create any section you want.

  • Ease of adding additional fields in selected sections.


Need more features? We are open and grateful for valuable ideas and suggestions that will help improve our add-on and expand your capabilities when working with Jira.

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