What's Destination field and how to use it properly

By default, submitted data will be saved inside the issue it has been added.

Moreover, if you want some data to be added to a specific field in Jira, the Destination issue field is exactly what you need.

Simply, select the field you would like to see the data after submit, and once Assignee fills the form, it will automatically be added into the selected field.

Please note, the list reflects all appropriate issue types for this particular form element.

For example, if you want your Date information to be added to issue, you should select the Date type field.

Also, if you don’t see some fields, check the Project that has been selected for a particular form.

Be careful. You can transfer data from only one form field to one task field. If you select the same Destination Issue Field twice, the data from the last completed form will be saved.


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