How does BPM work

Start from Templates

A process template is a set of forms, checklists, and /or instructions users can set for further assignment. Create a template for each recurring process to automate workflows across teams and departments, in seconds.

The template includes groups and steps.

Group is a logical combination of steps. 

Use Steps to build the forms and Group as a parent for Steps.

Every Template step is basically a Jira issue with required steps to perform inside.

Step includes: 

  • Project and issue type. So use it to include the form in a specific project.
    To generate tasks/issues outside of the default “BPM Templates” project include the form, select an existing project, and issue type in your workflow. You can choose a project for every step (Jira issue). After the process starts, BPM automatically creates a new task in selected project.

  1. Form elements. Build the form using typical form elements. E.g: Text field, area, dropdown, and multi-selector. Every element has its own settings. Read more

  2. Assignee. Select the exact person or group of users the form will be assigned to. Read more

  3. Form Logic. Build really flexible Templates with when/then logic. Read more

  4. Due Date. Set up a deadline for the task. Read more

  5. Submission action. Automatically moves issues through the workflow. Read more

  6. Process Blocker. Set the order that your workflow run is completed. Read more


By Starting Process, the system creates new Jira issues with Forms and Checklists to submit by a required person. No important task will be missed.

Control the submission process in the Process tab.

Form submission won't change the Issue status automatically.

Once the form is submitted, the system sends the "Form has been submitted" comment . So, if you need it, set the automation, that will trigger status change once it is posted.

The add-on will create one process for all issues in your Jira.

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