How to use SLA Goals as Escalations

If the time to resolve the ticket is approaching a breach of the SLA, the immediate reaction is essential. 

With SLA time goals setting, you can stimulate escalation up the management hierarchy to reduce the risk of unfinished issues. 

This feature helps you to

  • Create an escalation path for customers to acquire the assistance they expect.

  • Automatically inform leads and managers when SLAs are about to be exceeded or already breached.

  • Convenience customers that you consider SLA breaches seriously by reporting them to higher management.

How to set it up?

You can define up to four time limits for each SLA configuration and choose the following automate action for exceeded issues:

  • Notification in comment - when an assignment's target date or deadline is exceeded, the superior will be notified and can reassign the ticket.

  • Changing assignee - the ticket will be reassigned if it was not moved to Pause or Stop condition.

  • Changing priority - your tickets under the particular SLA will change priority as soon as they reach limit time.

  • Changing status - once limit has been reached, system will change the status for related issues automatically.

  1. Click on “SLA Configuration” on the right corner of the add-on.

  2. Select the configuration on the left side or create a new one.

  3. Scroll down to SLA time goals setting.

Get more with SLA Time and Report

Also, you can turn on the Custom Fields feature to monitor your SLAs on the one Issue or list layout.  It displays the Target date and Status of the SLA goals you selected to sync with Custom fields. Get detailed guide here.

Make sure that your organization keeps moving punctually by defining an escalation. By notifying management parties about an elapsed goal, you can meet the time boundaries that you agree on with customers.

Stimulate all departments to resolve tickets on time and maintain your service level agreements by setting deadlines with SLA Time and Report

If you're still having trouble configuring your SLAs, use our documentation as a refreshing guide to get a hold of your SLAs or request a demo.