Creation of Process Template

Process Template is a predetermined set of steps or phases, each with its own set of actions and deliverables. They may also include team member roles and responsibilities, timelines, and dependencies between tasks. By using process templates, teams can reduce the risk of errors or omissions, improve communication and collaboration, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Instruction on how to create a process template

  1. To create a New Process, click the "Templates", then the "+ New Template" button. You can also watch our video tutorial to see in detail how the process template is created.

  2. Add Groups for a logical combination of steps and add Steps то create Jira issues. Supervise Steps by adding Approver and create conditional steps flow. Read more about Process Template entities..

  3. Built the form for each step. The form will be automatically added to the issue after the process is started. Read more about Form Builder.

  4. Set up Step. Select the Project where a Jira issue (Step) will be created. And also, assign it to the user or even a group of users. Create process paths for if-this-then-that scenarios. Use other options like Due date, Submission action, or Blocker to make Step more complex. Read more about Steps settings.

  5. When the Template is done, save changes and be ready to start the business process as a separate instance. To start instance click on Schedule to set up an automatic Process running or on Start to run your Process one time. Read more about Templates settings.

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