Keep Deleted Issues

When you delete issues in Jira – they are forever gone. You can’t define who has destroyed an issue and when. Storing deleted issues function will help you to hold accountable for every deleted record. That would be extremely helpful when preparing for controls and audits.

Storing deleted issues is started only after activating the option. You can’t get record for the issues deleted before the app was installed.

To activate the function, switch ON the “Keep Deleted Issues” toggle button. 

Carefully read the info in the modal window and confirm if agree to go on.

From the moment of confirmation, every issue you delete will be recorded. Until you delete some issue – the list will be empty.

Choose the new option in the “Select issues by” drop-down menu to show the deleted issues. 

You can filter the issues list by selecting a project and the “Deleted by” option (specify a person or select any user)

The date range filtering is also available.


Once selected, the table will display the list of deleted issues from the recent to the oldest.

Only the person who activated the feature or Admin can turn it OFF. For other users, the toggle button will be disabled.

The system will store only the latest version of the issue without all changes since it was created.

If you disable the option, storing will be stopped, but the issues that were deleted while the button was ON will be kept.

You can also export the report as Excel or CSV file.


Please note that all the deleted issues will be stored in project properties, Issue History add-on store no customer data from your Jira instance.

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