How to set and read data with Time reporting period (trimmed data)?

Case: You’ve got a report where many line items display nothing in the “Time in Status” column other than “–”. When you go to the actual Jira ticket and open the tab, it does reflect an actual Time in Status for “In Progress”. What does it mean?




Statuses without values don't come under the selected time period. The task was in these statuses either earlier or later than the time range you had chosen in the Time reporting (trimmed) calendar, so they weren't counted.

On the issue panel view, the data is not trimmed. So, the time is calculated for all statuses for the entire period of the issue's existence.

If you’d like to get time in status data on the add-on’s grid – choose the “Any dates” option in the Trim reporting period calendar.


Time in Status add-on offers you two options (calenders) to set date ranges for reports.

  1. Issues period – to choose dates and get a list of issues that have been created/updated/resolved during the chosen period.

  2. Time reporting period – to select the required date range and cut away dates before and after the chosen period.

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