Schedule a process

If you have a process that needs to be run on a regularly recurring basis, once a week, a specific day of a month, or once a year, you can schedule your workflow in BPM to run automatically. You can also pre-schedule a one-off workflow run for a particular event at a set date and time.

Scheduling the process runs not only saves you heaps of time, but it also means that you and your team won’t ever forget to work on that process at the time it needs doing.

How you schedule a process run step-by-step

  1. Tap on the marked button near the Start button.

  2. Add Process Name and Set rules for repeating the process. You can start a Process on a certain date, or repeat it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.


  3. Confirm the settings to save your scheduling.

  4. To change or delete scheduling settings, go to the Schedule Start and first Dismiss all settings. Save changes, and set up schedules from the beginning.


  5. To set a template ends day choose the appropriate variant: Never, On the custom date, After X amount of recuarance


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