Run Form as Quiz

Functionality is deprecated. Please send a request to if you need it.


Need to check whether the employee has mastered the training material? Use the Quiz.

How to set up Quiz?

Go to an existing Process Template or create a new one.

Add fields with selection (Dropdown, Multichoice, Checkbox, Radio button).

After adding options to the field, you can mark some of them as correct.

What is Mark as Correct? If you mark one or some options as correct, the field becomes a quiz automatically. One field can have one, several, or all correct answers.


After the process starts, the assignee will have a quiz on an issue that needs to be submitted.


After the form is submitted, an assignee can check his correct answers and see the overall result.


How Does Quiz Scoring Work?

In each field each correct answer (correct option) +1 point, and for incorrect -1.

If the result of the field is less than zero - the field will receive 0 points.


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