Reset your SLA

In the configuration menu, you can select the condition for SLA Reset.

This feature is available only for SLA config with SLA Goal based on a time limit (hours:minutes) and disabled for the negotiated date goal. Read more here.

This option allows you to configure conditions when the SLA timer resets every time a certain condition is met and starts running again only when the Issue is on the Start condition.

Reset the SLA

The Multi-cycle option will be ignored here, so if SLA is set to calculate only the first cycle between Start and Stop, then after Reset condition and new Start, SLA will calculate the timer from the very beginning.

Here you can select a necessary condition from the list, except the ones you have added to Start/Pause/Stop conditions. When you select this condition the timer stops ticking for the particular Issue when the condition is met and starts ticking again after meeting the Start condition.

The list of the reset conditions depends on your project settings but can include only default Jira's fields, such as:

  • Assignee

  • Comment from

  • Issue Type

  • Labels

  • Priority

  • Reporter

  • Status

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