Form assignment

What does it mean when you assign a form to someone?
When you assign users to a task or a workflow run, you give those users responsibility for that particular piece of work. They are the ones who can view it, who will potentially complete it, and they will be accountable for it.

You can assign forms to:

  • single user;

  • user group.

How to assign a form?

  1. Select the Process Step you want to add an assignee to.

  2. Select an assignee from the drop-down list. You can select one or more Users or User Groups. This list reflects users and groups assignable to Selected Project – BPM Templates (BPM).


  3. If more than one user or group is selected, the system will create a separate Issue with this Form for every Assignee.

When you assign a user or group, they will receive an email notification to alert them.

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