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Smart Jira Forms is the solution to simplify and streamline form management in Jira Cloud. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder, dynamic forms with conditional logic can be effortlessly created. It automates form addition, enables form sharing with external users, and facilitates response analysis through data export. Smart Jira Forms eliminates manual form handling, saving time and enhancing efficiency for data collection, feedback gathering, and request management within Jira. It serves as a versatile add-on for collecting information from both Jira users and external customers.

Key Features:

Smart Jira Forms is compatible with Jira Cloud, making it accessible and easy to use for users of Jira Software, Jira Core, and Jira Service Management.


  1. Get started with Smart Jira Forms

  2. Form Builder

    1. To-do item

    2. Attachment

  3. Form logic

  4. Types of spreading forms

    1. Adding a form to a Jira issue

      1. Automatically adding a form to a Jira issue

      2. Manual adding of Form to Jira issue

      3. Sharing a form with external users from the issue

    2. (JSM) Customer portal adding of Form

    3. Sharing a form with external users

  5. Download form responses in xlsx

  6. Create a Jira issue based on the submitted form

  7. Destination Field for form in issue

  8. Populate Options from Jira issue field value

  9. Use cases

    1. Export Form to PDF

    2. Form in Jira Board Sidebar - Shortcuts for Easy Access

  10. Q&A

  11. Support of Smart Jira Forms

Example of Pre-onboarding Check Form

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