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Here is the history of all releases that have been made to Time in Status for Jira Cloud sorted from oldest to newest.








Save&Load Presets

Save your favourite configurations/reports or the ones you operate regularly. Load the required preset you’d like to work with.


Version 2.7.1 release

  • Updated the gadget design

  • Improved UI on the grid

  • Fixed UX on pivots and in work with metrics

  • Bugfixes


Charts for one issue to analyze statistics for one task in a chart view

  • One chart issue

  • UX gadget enhancement

  • Other minor bugs


Minor version update

  • Improved work of the grid

  • Fixed bugs on the pivots

  • Improved UX charts


Sorting by calculated data and Jira fields.

Sorting by calculated data and Jira fields.
Improved plug-in performance in various browsers.
Solving bugs on pivots.
Other UI / UX bugs.


Smart view feature added

  • “Smart view” function to highlight time values with gradation from min to max.

  • Added links to documentation in the product tour and in the add-on interface, now it's easy to find more information

  • Fixed UX-bugs on gadgets

  • Fixed minor bugs on the pivots

  • Other minor UI/UX fixes


Version 2.5.0 release

UX fixes to time reporting periods (trim)
The output of the task fields (description) is improved
Other minor UX fixes


Version 2.4.0 release

  • Custom fields sorting.

Users are able to sort the Time in Status data by Issue's custom fields.

  • Fixed defects with Average time calculation.

  • UI fixes to Gadget.


Version 2.3.3 release

Fixed minor issues with calculation.


Version 2.3.0 release

  • “Time reporting period” option to get data for the specific date scope.

  • Product tour to make feature adoption easier.

  • Productivity and security improvements

  • Bug fixes


Minor version update

Minor version update


Version 2.2.2 release

  • Fixed Average time calculation.

  • Fixed Charts when Sprint selected.



Fixed vulnerability with Shared Secret key.

Using special tools, hackers could get access to the data Add-on has.

The Add-on itself doesn’t have any Admin rights, so no data wasn’t changed or added.

It’s been reported in the scope of the Atlassian Bug Bounty program.

This vulnerability has been rated as critical, according to the scale published on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

We want you to know that we take this issue very seriously. We are conducting a thorough review of our internal processes to ensure this does not occur again for you or other customers.


Version 2.2.1


  • Users can set the Gadgets and keep all settings disabled for editing. So, it's useful for company-wide Dashboards.

  • Users can monitor time reports by filtering issues By Epic.


Version 2.2.0 release

  • Time zones sort order in the Calendar have been fixed.

  • Chart legend is available at every Chart report.

  • Epic Link now displays instead of Epic issue key.

  • Formated text using in Issue Summary will be displayed on the issues list


Version 2.1.2

  • Add-on displays SLA time and status based on JSM;

  • Improved Data range dropdown;

  • Added Epic info to the Pivot table. So, users can filter and get Time reports by Epics and Parent issues.


Minor release 2.1

Improved grid load speed and calculation


Major version 2.0 - Pivot table

The Pivot table is available now with the following features:

  • Possibility to get time for any issues fields, any combination of issues attributes (e.g: Time is status per assignee or Assignee Time per Status).

  • The user can manipulate the data by math functions (Average, Min/Max, Median, Count, Sum, etc)

  • Represent data in numerical or %, etc

  • Highlight the cells using Conditional formatting

  • Sorting and Filtering

  • Three types of Layouts

  • Export


Minor release

Fixed defects:

  • Displaying of Parent issue' URLs;

  • Time calculation based on calendars;

  • JQL behavior;

Improved UI for Report export modal window.


Minor fixes to Columns menu



Version 1.3.10 - Minor release

  • Fixes for Average time.

  • Gadget UI issues fixed.

  • Penetration testing finalisation for Atlassian Bug Bounty program start.


Fixes with Average time calculation



Version 1.3.8

Gadget improvement: Columns moved to issues list; Gadget setting display on the report view;
Select the sprint period as data range;
Improved files export performance. Users can download already generated reports);
The average time data calculation in the Charts and Table is fixed.


Version 1.3.6

  • Product tour

  • Minor defects fixed

  • UI improvements


Version 1.3.1 - Select issues by JQL

Added feature to select issues by JQL request and monitor the Time in status for selected issues
Fixed minor defects


Minor updates

  • Custom field output bugfix

  • Change log extraction improvement and bugfix

  • Improved project data processing


Time in Status for Jira Cloud - Version 1.3.0

  • Gadget for Jira dashboards:

Available all reports from the app
Advance configurations
Chart and issues list view

  • User-friendly view for License expired page;

  • Few fixes for performance increasing;

  • Minor defects fixed.


Minor updates



New reports and data format added



Export data to XLS / CSV and access to private filters added

Export to XLS and CSV added.
Possibility to use private filters and last used filters history added.
Add-on scopes changed (ACT_AS_USER).
Minor updates.


Plugin descriptor updates



Minor version design update

Minor version design update


Initial release


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