Multiple forms

Add multiple forms that can be included on a single ticket for managing complex processes.

To add multi forms, go to the selected issue and add as many forms as you need. Or set up the automated adding a form to the particular issue type in the selected project.

Status of Forms:

  • New — the status of the newly added form.

  • Draft — saved form with fields filled in, but not submitted.

  • Submitted — the submitted form.

You can open all drafts to see form details. If the same form has been saved as a Draft several times, you can edit and submit only the latest version of the form.

Once it is submitted you can only open it, and export the submitted data. So, be sure that nobody makes changes to done forms.


If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact us through SaaSJet Support (Time of the First Response ≤ 4 hours) or via email

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