Post submitted action

Our purpose is to deliver a product that helps people run fully automatic processes and business activities. 

Using typical Jira issues, we try to achieve the purpose by utilizing forms, checklists, and approval actions. 

So, it’s essential to focus only on the main action the assignee should make (fill in the form, click Approve button). Submission action is the function that automatically moves issues through the workflow once core action is done.

To set this transition for every process step, navigate to Template, open the Step, and set Submission action for every part of the process (Step).

Please ensure that the project workflow allows this transition when you select the target status. 

To do so, go to Project settings -> Workflows, then check if the scheme allows the transition from the default first status to the one you selected as a target.

If the workflow doesn’t allow transition, the BPM won’t do this action.

Once you set the status and make sure all transitions are possible - save the Template, so all new Processes started based on it will support the recently added actions.


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