Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud

🚀Welcome to Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud

Cost management tool to track project or company budget.

We have presented a new add-on that allows you to manage project costs, expenses and calculate rewards for your wards without much effort.

In short, сalculating the company and project cost happens like this:

Jira project costs = Personnel worklogs * Salary rates + Direct expenses

With Cost Tracker for Jira Cloud you can :

  • Manage access and ensure no sensitive info is leaked.

  • Rates: Set hourly, billing rates, and effective date.

  • Direct expenses: Add and associate organization or project expenses in Jira. Then analyze it and plan over periods.

  • Use custom JQL filters for reports.

  • Cost report: Generate reports for any scope and period.

  • Reports for tracking project, sprint, version cost, etc.

  • Sharing reports with your teammates.

  • Detailed time reports.

  • Indicator of planned time in a time report.

  • Adding planned budget value.

  • Invoicing with billable task tracking.

  • Jira issue widget: control issue cost directly on its page. Get the JSM ticket cost.

  • Ability to generate reports based on Tempo worklogs.

  • API Integration: cost reports, issue cost.

Using it one time, you can't stop. It is a helpful app that allows you easily manage costs in your company. So, enjoy it!

If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact SaaSJet Support or email us at .

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