Cost reports

The Cost report has two components: Labor costs and Direct expenses.

Labor cost = work logs reported for the specific period * work log employees' rates


In other words, all reported work will be multiplied by the agreed hourly rate of every team member.

Direct expenses are manually added records about every payment your team reported in a specific period.

Read more about Expenses.

Generate report

Click on Generate report to initiate the setting dialog.


The core settings are:

E.g., If you want to generate the monthly report, select the first and last day of the month.

Cost report

The Cost report has five tabs to view the numbers from different perspectives.


The Overview tab - designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of your expenses, labor costs, and planned budget through intuitive charts.

Read more about Project Cost Overview in Charts


The Scope tab shows the list of issues with any work log in the selected period in the filter.
Against every issue, you can find the work log amount reported to the particular issue in the selected period.
The cost column calculates as a work log multiplied by users' rates.

You have the ability to enhance your Cost Report by incorporating Custom Jira Fields.

To accomplish this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Within the Cost Tracker add-on, access the desired cost report.

  2. Click on the "Columns" button.

  3. From the available options, select the custom fields that you wish to display in the cost scope report.

Currently, the supported custom field types include:

  • Checkboxes

  • Select list (cascading)

  • Select list (multi-choice)

Please be aware that the values of custom fields will be visible to all users of the add-on.

If your specific use case requires support for other types of custom fields, kindly reach out to us and provide the necessary details.

We are continuously improving our add-on and appreciate any feedback to enhance its capabilities.


The team tab demonstrates the list of all users who reported time to the selected scope (selected Filter) in the specified period.
The report shows the work log amount and costs against every user.
If some user doesn’t have a rate or an effective date in rate settings doesn’t cover the time log, the system will show the Set rate action. The work log will be multiplied by the Default rate.


This tab shows the list of expenses with an Expense date within the selected period.

Please check the Expenses list in the main menu if adjustments are necessary.
The new Expense can be added directly to the Cost report. Once added, it will be synced with the whole list of Expenses.

The Cost report will always catch the relevant number of expenses and their amounts until the Cost report status is "Draft".
Completed reports have the values at the date of completion. So, no changes will affect them.


This tab summarizes the report by the amount of Direct and Labor expenses.


Security note.

If the user who created the Report has used the private filter, then the filter name won’t be displayed for other users. However, the users can see private filter id, the issues of such filter and manage Cost reports.
Please ensure you’ve set the proper permissions in the Cost Tracker Add-on. So it will minimize unexpected changes in Cost reports.

Privacy Notice: Data Storage

After report completion, information from all included fields will be securely saved.