Processes use cases

Processes can be incredibly helpful for any organization, as they provide a clear structure and framework for completing tasks and managing workflows. By leveraging Processes, organizations can ensure that all necessary steps are completed in time and efficient manner, resulting in improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Here is a list of cases and settings that can help you create the perfect workflow:


  1. How to set up a process using BPM?

  2. How to create a Checklist in the form?

  3. How to standardize the process of Employee background check?

  4. How to use Template Start URL with Jira Automation?

  5. How to start the Process based on the HubSpot deal stage change using Zapier?

  6. How to automate the onboarding process in Jira?

  1. Streamlining issue creation from external users and workflow automation: Integration Guide for Business Process Manager, Smart Jira Forms, and Jira Automation

  2. Efficient Business Day-Based Due Date Calculation using Jira Automation and Business Process Manager


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