Prefill fields (Description & Label)

Prefill fields feature is the ability to populate specific information in issue fields automatically when creating new Steps (issues) in Jira from Business Process Manager add-on.

Available fields for prefilling:

  • Label
    Choose from the existing list or create a new one.

  • Description
    This text area is already filled with default text. But, you can fill it with the necessary data that will be displayed in your issue. 

Instruction on how to Prefill issue fields:

  1. Create a new process template.

  2. Add the project and issue type to place the task with a form.

The description and label will be shown only if the selected issue type in the project already has such fields.

3. Choose assignee(s).

4. Click on the Prefill fields button.

5. Select the label from the drop-down menu and fill in the Description.

6. Click on the “Save” button

7. Save changes.

That is all! Now every time this task will be created with an already prefilled label and description fields.


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