💡Use Case: How to convert meets from Calendly in Jira tasks

We want to draw your attention to the case study using Email&Tasks in a duo with the Calendly app.

Calendly creates a scheduling automation platform through software as a service to enhance the productivity of external meetings by simplifying their scheduling process.

There are a lot of apps for scheduling and booking appointments, but we decided to focus on Calendly as one of the most popular.

Here's how it works. Step 1. Clients book a meeting.

Step 2. Information about the new event is sent to the manager's email. It takes some time to prepare for a meeting - to get ready, to work through materials, etc. Accordingly, a mark in the calendar that is created automatically is not enough. You need to at least create a task in Jira. It will log the time spent on the task, etc. To do this, we open our notification email from Calendly and use the Email&Task app to convert this email into a task in Jira.

The subject line of our email is the summary of the newly created task, and the content is the description.

Step 3. We carry out the necessary manipulations and have a task in Jira accordingly.

Success! No need to switch between browser tabs. The necessary tags are easily converted to issues in Jira.

Why is this necessary? Imagine you have several sales teams and a separate support department. Each of the specialists has a different link to book an appointment. It will be easier for the heads of these departments to control and track their team's work when all these appointments are in one place in Jira. And the unit can process requests more efficiently and stay aware of the chaos of many tickets.

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