💡Use Case: How to organize your Gmail inbox

Putting your Gmail in order

  1. Mark the critical emails with stars.

Don't forget that we can also give essential messages a star mark. Then, using the sorting feature, you can filter out the most critical emails at once and not miss anything urgent.

  1. Save filters and assign labels to them.

Create filters for specific parameters and organize your email. For example, you can create a separate label for a particular contact or group of contacts.

  1. Color your labels.

Set a color for each mark to help you better navigate and visually highlight what you need.


Success! Now we have more or less cleaned up our inbox. Now let's take a look at individual emails.

How to create Jira issues from Gmail 

When we used to focus only on essential emails - from customers, colleagues, etc. - it's now necessary to separate tasks from our inboxes.

You can jump between the tabs of Jira and Gmail and create a task in this way. However, such manipulations have the risk of defocusing, wasting time, and losing information along the way.

Therefore, we suggest using Email&Tasks: Jira Cloud for Gmail.  There are two ways to convert your email to a task:

  • 1-click task. This is an AI-powered feature. GPT-3 technology was recently implemented, so email scanning is quite efficient.


Note that the priority of the task and the due date are determined in the same way.


  • Create a task manually. You can select a function and use it to create a task step by step.

If the email contains attachments, checking the "Include email Attachments if any" box will immediately redirect them to the newly created task. 

How to create Jira issues from Gmail mobile app 

If you're constantly on the go or don't have a laptop, you can easily use the app that converts emails into Jira tasks from the Gmail mobile app.

 You open an email and transform it into a task in a few steps. 

If you need help or want to ask questions, please contact SaaSJet Support or email us at support@saasjet.atlassian.net .