Marketplace Reporter

Welcome to the Marketplace Reporter!

Join our early-access program to be among the first to explore historical data and trends in the Atlassian Marketplace and receive in-time notifications on apps' page changes.

Key Benefits 🚀

  • Explore Historical Data: get access to advanced reports and understand the dynamic trends of the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Save time by moving away from manual marketplace data collection and analysis. 

  • Monitor Changes on Apps’ Pages: track changes for the elements of specific apps’ listings and derive meaningful insights to stay ahead.

  • Receive Timely Notifications: get in-time email alerts on changes in the marketplace pages of apps that are important to you

  1. Get early access to the analytics & insights tool for Atlassian Marketplace


How It Works 🛠️


  1. Parsing: utilizes advanced parsing techniques to extract data from the Atlassian Marketplace, capturing every detail

  2. Saving: data is securely stored in a MySQL database, ensuring organized and quick retrieval

  3. Analyze: dive deep into data, identifying key trends and patterns for Atlassian Marketplace insights.

  4. Reporting: integrates with dashboards for clear and visually appealing data presentation, aiding in informed decision-making


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