Boomerang: Reminders for Jira Issues

The “Boomerang: Reminders for Jira Issues” add-on lets your team keep the focus on the higher-priority issues and allows you to manage their backlog effectively.

  • Configure reminders for each issue;

  • Select date and time as reminder trigger;

  • Create periodic reminders for repetitive activities: ones, daily, weekly or monthly;

  • Set a condition for stopping (specify Status or Resolution) for repeating reminders ;

  • Choose more than one reminder for each issue and more than one receiver for each reminds;

  • Set automatic reminders on comments to issues and at the same time as notifications on email (*if you haven’t changed the setting to your Jira's notification, recipients will get messages to their emails.);

  • Monitor who has received reminders at the issue comment;

  • View all lists of reminders on the add-ons queue;

  • Edit the reminders owned by you directly on the issue level or in the list.

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