Configuration of Boomerang

You can add a new reminder to any issue from your account. You just have to open any issue view.

  1. Select the Boomerang menu.

After selecting, you will see the +Add reminder button.

2. If you have already added a reminder, you can view details about it (time and date) and delete it if necessary.

3. After clicking the +Add reminder button, you will be able to add such information:

  • Reminder Message;

  • Reminder Recipients;

  • Date;

  • Time;

  • Recurring.

For each reminder, you can add as many recipients as you need.

4. Then select the time and date when the reminder trigger should be turned on.


5. At the Recurring drop-down menu select at what frequency the reminder should work.

6. A Stop option is possible for all reminders: once, daily, weekly, etc. Set a condition by specifying the status or resolution.

7. Click the “Enabled” button to turn the reminder on or off, and the “Save” button to complete the settings.

On the issue view panel, you can view how much and what reminders have been added. You can add more than one reminder to each issue.

Edit Reminders

If you want to edit one (or several) reminders, you need to:

  1. Click the “Boomerang: Reminders for Jira issues icon in the drop-down list of your Jira apps.


2. Click the “Edit” icon near the reminder you need.


3. Edit the necessary reminder and click the “Save” button.


Read more about reminder notifications and queues on the next pages.

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