Time in Status for Jira Cloud

Welcome to the Time in Status for Jira Cloud!

Track how much time your issue spends in each status and much more by generating:

  • Time in Status
  • Assignee Time 
  • Average Time 
  • Status Entrance Date 
  • Time in Status per Date 
  • Status Count 

  • Transition Count 

Main features:

  • Use a Pivot Table view to get deeper data analysis.
  • Present reports as charts.
  • Monitor customized reports from the app in the Jira dashboard with app’s Gadget.
  • Extract the report as XLSX or CSV files and use external tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet to process the exported data.
  • Get the сycle and lead time by grouping time in statuses.
  • View status duration data about each ticket in Issue View Panel.
  • Filter issues by JQL, project, filter, report, label, sprint, and assignee.

Add-on works for Jira Software, Jira Core, and Service Desk. Even more, you can use it for both Classic and Next-gen Projects.

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We've prepared this short video to walk you through the updates