Reports Time in Status for Jira Cloud

With Time in Status for Jira Cloud you can generate 7 types of reports:

1. Time in Status

Determines for how long your issues stayed in each status.

2. Assignee Time 

The report of the time that a particular assignee took for each issue.

3. Average Time

A grid with average time issues spent in statuses during a specific period of time.

At the grid metric select how you want to see Average Time in status: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.

4. Status Entrance Date

Shows the date and time when every issue entered each of the statuses for the first time.

5. Time in Status per Date

Sums the time a task was in each status at a particular date.

6. Status Count

Calculates how many times an issue has been in each status.

7. Transition Count 

Shows how many times an issue went from status to status.