Get Started with Time in Status for Jira Cloud


Learn more about all the features of Time in Status for Jira Cloud add-on.

We've prepared this short video to walk you through the updates!

Find the installed Time in Status for Jira Cloud add-on below the Jira settings menu and click it to open.

1. Report generation

Choose a report type you want to generate (see the list of reports below).

When generating the reports, you can filter data by: 

  • Assignee, 
  • Filter, 
  • Label, 
  • Project, 
  • Reporter, 
  • Sprint, 
  • JQL,
  • Epic.

Date ranges

Use the Date ranges functionality to choose the calculation period.

Choose how many rows will be displayed on the grid in the drop-down list.

Time format

The Format option lets you select the time format how the status duration will be displayed: 

  • DHM (Days, Hours, Minutes), 
  • HM (Hours, Minutes), 
  • h:m (hours: minutes), 
  • M (Minutes), 
  • Decimal Hours, 
  • Decimal Days, 
  • Decimal Weeks, 
  • Business DHM, 
  • Business Decimal Days, 
  • Business Decimal Weeks.

Choose Calendar

You can choose a custom calendar you've added previously or a default 24/7 to generate data.

2. Column Manager

In the Column manager, you can manage:

  • Issue Fields (fields that are displayed on the grid), 
  • Status Groups (organize statuses in a single group), 
  • User Groups (organize users in a single group),
  • Statuses (choose statuses that will be displayed on the grid).


3. Save&Load and JSON Data Feed link options

These functions allow saving presets (configurations) and sharing them with the third-party systems.

4. Data presentation

You can display your data in 3 ways:

5. Export

Export data as XLSX or CSV files. 

6. Issue View Panel

You can see both graphical and numerical data in the issue view panel. Just choose Time in status at the Activity menu in a single issue.

Here you can select one of the Report types, configure Metrics and Calendar options.

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