Conditions for SLA

Time measurement conditions

Set necessary conditions (Start, Pause, Stop) to run your SLA.

At Start/Stop/Pause conditions, you can choose standard and custom issue fields, which will be used by your team for each project.

For example, these can be Comment from, Issue created, Status, Assignee, Issue Type, Summary, Description, Labels, and other conditions. The list of conditions depends on your account issue field settings.

When conditions are selected, click each of them to select detailed options. For example, a specific status or a specific issue type. 

Advanced conditions settings

Make your ticket tracking more customized and tailored to your needs with SLA Time and Report. If you want to Start, Pause or Stop SLA when at least one of the conditions is met, use the feature “OR Condition”. If “AND” is selected, all conditions must be met.

At any time, you can edit each condition’s settings. Just click the condition you want to change and save it.

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