How to display last comment in filters and JQL?

Do you want to monitor the last comment added to the issue? If you're a Jira user and it’s essential for you to get to know who and when has added the last comment, follow this short step-by-step guide.

Step 1

First of all, you need to create a new custom field in the project for every Issue type. Type the name “Last Comment” for a custom field and choose the “Paragraph” type (as it is displayed in the screenshots below).

Note: You should perform a step with adding a Custom field for each Issue Type (in our case these are e.g. Bug, Task, and Story as it's shown on  the screenshot)

Step 2

Then start the Automation process. Here’s what you should do:

Go to Project -> Setting-> Apps-> Project Automation -> Create rule

You can start when the Issue is Commented on and edit a custom field with the latest Comment.


  1. Last Comment (highlighted in red color)  is a field name. If you name your field differently, please, specify the correct field name there. 

  2. You can format the text template based on which the message will be formed (highlighted in yellow). Copy the pattern from the example and  mention the author of the comment: [~accountid:{{}}] and display the text of a comment - {{issue.comments.last.body}}

Look at the screenshot below to get a clear view of how to do that properly.


Step 3

Go to JQL or native search, or any add-on.

 (for example Time in Status for Jira Cloud) -> Columns -> Select Last Comment field

As a result, you will see the custom field you have created with the latest value.


That’s all!

Now you know how to display the last comment in the filter, JQL, or any add-on too. 

We hope, it will be helpful!

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