Jiva: Voice Assistant for Jira

The Jiva: Voice Assistant for Jira add-on is your companion in creating issues on Jira using the phone. This add-on lets you enter data to create a new ticket using voice only. 

It allows you to create an issue with the following parameters:

  • a summary (title);

  • a project where the ticket has to be added;

  • an issue type;

  • a detailed description;

  • an assignee for each ticket.


Also, you can get a report about closed issues or new ones.

The things you need to start using this application are:

  • active Jira account;

  • the Voice Assistant add-on installed from the Atlassian Marketplace;

  • the Google Assistant app installed on your mobile;

  • crisp diction to speak with an assistant

The plugin is available for Android and IOS devices.

We don’t stop improving the add-on and our work at all. So more features will be available for our users soon.

If you haven’t used this add-on yet, then try it now! >>>