Data Center User Guide | Issue History for Jira

Add-on shows the history of all the changes that have been made to a specific issue, ordered by the date.

Find the installed Issue History add-on below the Jira settings menu and click it to open.

Switch ON/OFF the highlighted view

Focus attention only on raws where changes were made.

Click the button to switch ON/OFF the highlighted changes:

Report generation

There are a few options you can set to create the issue changelog report.

1. Filter issues by Project, Assignee, Sprint, Label, etc.

2. Select the appropriate date range.

3. Add custom and standard fields to the grid using the ‘Columns’ menu.

Find details for those 3 steps here

To get the changelog for one or several issues, click the filter icon and get a drop-down list of your issues. Choose the ones you need.


Export the data

You can extract the data from the grid as XLSX or CSV files which you can analyze using such tools as Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Additional Options

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