Data Center Frequently Asked Questions Issue History

Q: Could you implement new features to the main functionality of the add-on? Do we need a special custom report for our business model?

A: Yes, we are open to creating custom reports. Describe your case and the functionality that you need then send it to us by email We will get in touch with you and discuss all the details.

Q: Do you store customer data from the customer Atlassian instance?

A: We don’t store any customer data in our infrastructure excluding hashed Atlassian user id and add-on configs. Everything is processed interactively and displayed to end-users. We use application internal logs, but without customer-related data, including only details about requests performance/status/error code.

Q: We want to provide access to this plugin to a limited set of people within our organization. In this case, will pricing be applicable to the number of Jira accounts in our organization or a limited set of people to whom we want to provide this access?

A: According to Jira pricing, we’re unable to manage the price relative to the number of actual users. Atlassian offers discounts for the annual subscription, so you can pay less in that way.


Q: How to calculate the price for the add-on?

A: Here’s a picture that displays how you can calculate the accurate price for a particular number of users. 

Each tier (<10, <100u, etc) has its own price. 

When you calculate a price for a particular amount of users, you need to divide this number so that each part of it regards an exact tier. To calculate the price for your users (if there are more than 100), you need to calculate the price for each tier separately and sum them to get the final price. Look at the precise example in the picture above on how to get the necessary data. 

You can check if you have calculated correctly with the Atlassian calculator on the price page for any application. Just write down the number of users for calculating in the field you can see on a pic below.


Q: Is it possible to leverage Issue History for Jira to assure CFR 21 Part 11 compliance?

A: Issue History for Jira helps in meeting FDA Part 11 criteria, such as:

  • to avoid false records and obtain an audit changelog (a history of all changes made to the issue or data).

  • to maintain tracking of deleted issues to ensure that nothing is lost.

  • to present data to the FDA inspection, you can export data to XLSX or CSV files.

*The plugin doesn't provide an option for electronic signature.


Q: Is it possible to make a data backup and restore it?

A: Backup/Recovery files are necessary to restore systems to a condition when they have included the information and data that has been on the system just before the disaster.

The table below summarizes backup tape locations and retention periods:



Daily Backup (Server)

AWS Snapshots

Daily Backup (Database)

MongoDB Atlas Snapshots


Q: Do you have disaster recovery strategies to ensure company continuity in case the disruption occurs?

A: Our goal is to maintain information system availability, data integration, and business consistency. In case of disaster, we have process-level strategies to recover vital technology platforms and telecommunications infrastructure. Learn more


Q: Is it safe to work with Issue History (security policy)?

A: 1. The plugin is Cloud Fortified. So it provides increased security, dependability, and support.

2. The app is a part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program. Learn more

3. SaaSJet company has completed the Security Self-Assessment Program. Learn more


If you have additional questions regarding this case, please, contact Atlassian support.


Q: I don't have access to the add-on sections. What should I do?

A: Users of all Jira admin groups have full rights to set access for you. First, find out which Jira group you are in. Confirm your access according to the internal rules and contact the administrator.


Q: I entered the access page. How do I go back to the main page?

Click on the add-on logo to go to the main page.

Or open the three dots add-on menu and select the “Main Page”.


Q: How many groups are supported for access management in the add-on?

A: We have no limit on the number of groups. If you have a lot of groups in Jira, use the vertical scrollbar to view the entire list.

Click here to select/unselect all groups.

Q: Why can't I restrict permissions for the following groups:

  • administrators

  • jira-administrators

  • site-admins

  • system-administrators?

A: These are Jira's administrative groups, so they have full control over all options. That's why you won't be able to block access for them.


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