Time Between Statuses for Jira

Сalculate the time issues spend when going from one status to another with Time Between Statuses add-on. Monitor and avoid risks in your workflow process by having a clear vision of task’s transition time.


  • Get reports of the transition time from one status to another

  • Customize the calculation by choosing the first/last transition to or from the status

  • Monitor status to status duration data about each ticket on the Issue View Panel

  • Export data as XLSX or CSV files and use such external tools as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet.



Get Started with Time Between Statuses

Identify bottlenecks in your process — follow our step-by-step guide to install and get started with Time Between Statuses.
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Useful resources

If you have already installed Time Between Statuses, read the Configuration Guide on how to use features.

Most commonly used features:


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