Custom Fields: Effortless Time Tracking in Status

Note! Only administrators have permission to create custom fields. If you are not an administrator, please contact one.

Classic Project type only: This integration is available only for the Classic Project type.

The Time in Status add-on allows you to track tasks spent in each status on your board. You can easily view this information directly on the board by creating a custom field.

Step 1. How to create a custom field?

  1. Go to the board for the necessary project.

2. Select Time in Status from the dropdown list in the top right corner.


3. In the open modal window, activate the toggle to create the custom field.

The custom field will automatically be created and named "TIS [board_name]".

The custom field will only work for the board it was created on and will only show data for tasks updated within the past 30 days.


Step 2. How to associate the custom field with a screen?

  1. Open Jira settings: In the Jira navigation menu, click the gear icon and select "Jira settings". Then, select "Issues" in the opened dropdown list.

2. Select "Custom fields" on the left-side panel.

3. Locate the custom field: In the custom fields tab, search for "TIS [board_name]” custom field. Alternatively, you can find it in the list of all custom fields.

4. Associate the custom field to a screen: Once you have found the custom field, click on the three dots icon and select "Associate to screen".

5. Choose the board screen: Select the board screen you want to add the custom field to from the list of available screens. Then, click "Update".

No further configuration is required. The custom field will update every hour and will automatically reflect changes to tasks as they move between statuses. The time calculation is based on a 24/7 calendar logic.

How to View Custom Fields on Your Jira Board?

These steps assume that you have already set up the custom field in Jira and associated it with the board screen.

  1. Access board settings: In the top right corner of your board, click the three dots and select "Board settings".

  2. Go to the card layout tab: Navigate to the "Card layout" tab in the board settings.

  3. Select the custom field: From the "Field name" drop-down list, choose the custom field you want to view on your board.

  4. Add the custom field: Click "Add" to display the custom field on your board.

Important Notes on using Time in Status custom fields in Jira:

  • Custom field auto-refresh: The custom field will automatically refresh its data every 1 hour.

  • Real-time updates: If you move a task to another status, the custom field will update in a matter of seconds to reflect the time the task has been in the new status.

  • Leaving the board: When a task leaves the board, the custom field will automatically refresh.

  • Deletion of disabled custom field: If the toggle button is switched off, then the custom field will be deleted automatically.

  • Classic Project type only: This integration is available only for the Classic Project type.

  • Presentation format: The custom field presents information in the format - “dd:hh”.

That’s all!