"Workload" refers to the volume of work assigned to individual team members.

The report displays the committed, added, workload and removed issues for each team member associated with issues at the end of the selected sprint.

The stacked bar of each team member is divided into segments, with bright sections representing the committed and added work and light sections indicating removed work.

This comprehensive view of workload distribution helps track and analyze each team member's contributions to the sprint.

Hover your mouse over the line of a specific assignee and you will see his work.

"Committed" signifies the volume of work each assignee initially commits to at the start of the sprint.

"Added" signifies the workload that was added to the sprint to an assignee during the sprint.

"Removed" represents the workload removed from the sprint from an assignee during the sprint.

"Workload" represents the initial scope of work that the each assignee plans to address and deliver within the sprint's time frame. The calculation formula for each individual assignee:

Committed (a) + Added (a) - Removed (a) ) / Total Sprint Commitment * 100