Activities Gadget

Activities | Issue History gadget presents changes made to the fields in rows like a stream or flow of activities. It uses the same principles to represent data as the Activity view in the add-on.

Now, you can add a full issue history report to your Jira dashboard.



  1. Open your Jira dashboard (or create one if you don’t have it).

  1. Add Activities | Issue History gadget to your dashboard.


  1. Use Filter to select a desired filter or all issues.

  1. Also, you can choose a user/users that have made updates.

  1. Use the Fileds filter to choose which activities you want to see. For instance, it can be only due dates.


  1. Click on the Settings icon (the cog-gear widget) and select time frames and refresh interval.

  1. If you need to open the app with full functionality, click on the Go to the add-on button.

  1. Export the report with changes in PDF, CSV, or Excel format.


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