Issue History Panel View

This option is free to use for everyone even after your free trial has ended. You need to stay in expired status without canceling subscription. The payment is required only to use the main report options.

Export is accessible only in the paid version.

While it is convenient to view the change history for the list of issues, Issue History for Jira also offers a well-structured and customizable report for a single issue. All changes will be presented one by one in vertical order.

Compared to the built-in Jira history, you will get the following:

  • Relevant changelog filtering

  • Flexible field selection

  • Eye-catching highlighting for updates


  1. Click to open the required issue.

  1. Scroll down to the Activity section and select Issue History.

You will get a well-organized report for issue updates:


  1. You can apply different types of filtering to see the specific list of changes:  Date range, Updated by, or Field filter.

  • Select the desired date preset (today, last week, last month, etc.) to narrow down the issue changelog.

  • Use the Updated by menu, type in the name, or select the person you need from the drop-down list.

How does it work:

  • Use the Field filter to select any fields (standard or custom) where you want to see changes. For instance, you can review changes only for Status.


  1. Sort by date in ascending/descending order by clicking the Arrow.


  1. Click “Go to add-on” to go to the main add-on report with all available options for the list of issues.

  1. Export to Excel, CSV, and PDF is available only in the paid version.


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Please note that Issue History Panel View will be stored in issue properties.