🆕 Sprint Performance Report

The Sprint Performance Report is a feature in Time in Status add-on.
The report offers Scrum teams a comprehensive look at sprint activities and data. It's a valuable tool that helps you monitor the progress and performance of the completed sprint, enabling well-informed decisions.

You can view this report only on boards where sprints are enabled.

Note that there is a dropdown in the upper right corner where you can select one of the three parameters for generating a report:

  • Story Points. The report calculates data based on the story points field set for each issue in your sprint.

  • Issue Count. The report calculates data based on the number of issues in your sprint.

  • Original Time. The report calculates data based on the time estimate field set for each issue in your sprint.


How do you choose the estimation method to generate a sprint report?

It's simple. It depends on which estimate method you use for your boards.

You can choose it by going to the board settings: Board settings -> Configure board -> Estimation.

For next-gen projects, these settings look like this:

Viewing the Sprint Performance Report

You have two ways to view the report.

  • Navigate to your desired board → Click Reports → select Sprint Performance Report.


  • Go to Active sprints or Backlog or Board → Click Sprint Report in the top right corner.


For next-gen projects, there is option for opening via Shortcuts


A Sprint Report is a valuable tool in Agile project management, providing an in-depth view of a sprint's progress and performance.