Due Date

Due Date in Step is the Due Date that will be set to Jira issue when the Process starts. You can set due dates on tasks in your workflows to make sure that everything in your working process is completed due to schedule and nothing falls through the cracks.

Due Date has two options for tasks setting:

  • Dynamic date - automatically set the due time based on the number of days after the trigger is selected.

  • Exact date - a specific due date selected.

Instruction on how to set Due Date

  1. Select the Process Step you want to add a due date to.

  2. Click the Due Date button in the top center of your screen as it is shown below.

  3. Choose the type of Due Date you want to add.

a. If you choose Dynamical Due Date, enter the number of days, select the desired trigger, and confirm the setting.
Dynamical Due Date can be triggered by:
- published form - an issue with the form created
- submitting the previous step - a form from the previous step is submitted (above, existing in the list of steps)
- process start date - date will be calculated from the Process start date

If the task should be created on the current day, enter 0 in the days field.

Days field can contain a maximum of 3 digits.

b. If you choose Exact date, use the calendar to select the needed due date.

4. Click Confirm button to finish the setup and save the Template, so all newly started Processes will support the recently added Due Date.

5. If you need to delete the Due Date settings in the step, press Reset and Confirm changes.

6. Monitor the due date for all issues in the Process tab.


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